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Bali is Beautiful


beautiful BALI.

Ahhh Bali, beautiful Bali. There’s a reason why we keep going back to this beautiful Island in Indonesia. Bali has an amazing balance between stunning landscapes and hip beach clubs, where creativity is undeniable. From the amazing cafes, each with their own personality, to the surf beaches and volcano sands. Anyone who goes to Bali, and ventures out past the touristy Kuta Beach, will tell you the same thing… Bali is amazing.


How about everywhere…

Wow, where to start. How about kicking off the story of our trip to Bali with the journey. So to get there we flew via Bangkok using Air Asia. They used to run flights directly via Phuket, but they stopped those (major bummer). The flight to Bali takes about 4 hours from Thailand.

We stayed in a place called Canggu, which is about a 30 min drive without traffic. Note the without traffic part. The traffic can be quite busy, which is why renting a scooter is always best. I love Canggu, and I would always recommend staying there if you go to Bali. It is a short scooter ride to Seminyak and other popular beaches. Some of my favourite cafes are in Canggu too, which makes it a great place to start your day. As mentioned before, scooters are the way in Bali. You can rent one for super cheap, I think we paid around 3-4USD per day to rent ours. Crazy cheap! All you need is to get a copy of your ID and you’re good to go. I wouldn’t ride a bike unless you have experience though. The roads can be a bit hectic.


So the adventures begin, we set off from our hotel for Karma Beach Club. This spot is amazing, we were attracted from seeing photos of the beach lift. A small cable car that takes you down to perfect sands and blue waters. It’s a private beach so you have to pay an entry fee. But it’s definitely worth it.

The resort itself is stunning but the Karma Beach Club is where we spent most of the day. There is a restaurant with great food & drinks. Plus they have snorkelling equipment that you can borrow and take out. Crazy story – whilst we were snorkelling I saw a moray eel swim out from under a rock. RIGHT UNDER ME. It was quite funny because Ben didn’t have his goggles on. He had no idea why I suddenly started screaming and telling him to swim swim! The funniest thing is he quickly swam away with me too! 🤣

The beach itself is incredible. As the beach is private, it means there is hardly anyone on it. The sand is so soft and clean. Just look at the photos below and tell me they don’t make you want to jump in the water! I linked to the google map location below so you can see how to get there.


After Karma beach, we went to a small beach called Green Bowl Beach. It was fairly close to Karma beach and looked beautiful in photos. So why not check it out quickly right? Well, we were quite surprised when we realised… THERE ARE OVER 300 STEEP STEPS TO GET THERE… WUTTTT! 😵 Getting down was fine and we chilled watching surfers for a bit. It was getting up that was hard. By the time we got to the top I was exhausted and Ben was sweating like crazy! We met our saviour at the top of those steps. An old man selling ice-cold coconuts. I am telling you, a coconut never tasted so good in my life!


Any of you who have stalked Bali on Instagram should know by now. Bali has some incredible waterfalls. We left our hotel early and took off on our scooter. I think it was around a 2-hour drive to get to the waterfall. What a beautiful drive it was. We went from the beach, through villages and towards Mount Catur. Mount Catur is an inactive volcano and right at the top lies the beautiful Melanting Waterfall.

On the way up the mountain, we drove through picturesque rice fields. The journey itself was an experience. High up on the mountain we stopped at a viewpoint which overlooked the crater. Little restaurants lined the edge and you could stop for a coffee looking out at the majestic view.

Now at around 1500 metres above sea level, we parked our bike at the start of the trail and off we set. There was a walk through the jungle which took around 30 minutes. The moment we got there we knew… this was something special. We were the only people there, with a powerful waterfall crashing down in front of us. The water was cool and refreshing, it felt almost surreal that it was only us there.

What are the best beach clubs in Bali?

Now, I’ve mentioned this earlier, but its time to say it again. Bali has some of the best Beach Clubs in the world.

  1. Let’s start off with Karma Beach Club, that has to get a mention for the experience getting there alone. The soft sand, blue water and quiet vibe makes you lose track of time there.
  2. You can’t talk about Beach Clubs in Bali without mentioning Potato Head. Cool place, always busy, with lots of cool people there.
  3. La Laguna is one of the best places for Sunset cocktails in Bali. I loved everything about there. The layout, the cosy vibe it has and the staff were great too. It’s more an evening spot but well worth the visit.
  4. Le Pirate Beach Club should be on the list of anyone looking for a real island experience. Beautiful place with amazing ocean views.



We met up with Sina and Teiki, one of my favourite couples, whilst we were in Bali. It is always great to see old friends and these guys are always great to be around. It’s nice seeing my girl Sina, especially because she had just moved out there. They are now running their own resort in the incredible Mentawai islands. But more on Hollow Trees surf resort in another blog post.

We met up with Tom and Nath too, then hit up their local beach. We spent the afternoon chilling in and out of the water. As you can imagine we had lots of catching up to do. For sunset, we went to Teiki’s friend’s boutique resort called Mu Bali. The resort sits on the edge of the cliff overlooking the water. Kind of the perfect place to end your day.


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    1. It is beautiful and a great place to relax. There is a lot happening there too, great places to eat and some nice parties. A huge variety of stuff actually 🙂

    1. You have to return! Every time I go back I discover something new. I think next time I want to travel to the North-East side of the island or venture off to some of the neighboring islands. So much to discover in Indo. You should check out my friend’s place in Mentawai too. http://www.htsresort.com

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