On March 3, 2018

Rosewood Phuket – New luxury hotel



After hearing that Rosewood had opened its latest hotel in Phuket I was eager to check it out. I just had to wait for the right excuse. I had seen photos of the hotel and it looked beautiful. Once Ben and I got back to Phuket after we were in Bangkok it was on our list. I must say that we were impressed. Here are some of my thoughts on Rosewood Phuket.

Rosewood Phuket new luxury hotel opening review by Sulie Loves You


As you can see from the opening photo above, the entrance is quite impressive. You are greeted by two HUGE wooden doors which open up to a calm welcome desk. I loved the calm open area which felt very organic. It was minimal, but it didn’t feel that it lacked a personality. Just the right balance of design and warmth.

We were then taken down to the pool area via golf buggy. So far we were made to feel very welcome and this continued as we entered the pool bar area. We immediately felt the cool breeze of the ocean as we walked alongside the pool and entered the pool bar. The decor was stunning, lots of muted tones and a great use of natural finishing and details. I could see why they describe the resort as filled with “Charms of the Andaman”.

Design details - Shell table decor at Rosewood Phuket resort - Sulie Loves You
Rosewood Phuket new luxury hotel opening review by Sulie Loves You
Rosewood Phuket new luxury hotel opening review by Sulie Loves You
Restaurant in Rosewood Phuket - Sulie Loves You


We were chilling at Mai, which is both the pool bar and restaurant. The menu was what I would call an elevated Thai menu which consists of classic Thai snacks, but presented a bit differently. We weren’t there to eat as we had just eaten at Pinky Gallery cafe (one of my fav. breakfasts). The drinks were lovely and we were served a little granita whilst we waited. I was quite impressed with the selection at the bar and the staff were really enthusiastic to tell us about the cool locally produced products they had.


The whole area felt very natural and organic. 🌾 I know that sounds like a lame way to describe something but honestly, that’s the best way of describing. All of the material used complimented nature really well, and plus, looks great on Instagram! The pool is broken up into different smaller pools and connected by a pond, which looks like a pool. This gives the illusion that there is one huge swimming pool, with sections of rice fields running through it.

A beautiful design that makes you feel super relaxed.


AND FINALLY:Β a quick shoutout!

I just wanted to add a quick shoutout to the staff, they were all super friendly, welcoming and took the time to answer all of our questions. Although we were only visiting for a few hours to relax, they made us feel welcomed.

Plus, their uniforms were very cute!


Sadly we didn’t have time to have a look at the rooms, but if they are anything like what we experienced it seems like a beautifulΒ place to stay. The location is actually fantastic. It is just a short drive from Patong but tucked away so that you do not have to deal with that mess all of the time. Only when you want to. The hotel is located in Tri Trang Beach. If you want to check out exactly where that is: Click this link to the Google Map location.

I would like to go back one day, perhaps on Ben’s next visit to the island, we will explore some more of that peninsula.

Rosewood Phuket new luxury hotel opening review by Sulie Loves You


18 thoughts on “Rosewood Phuket – New luxury hotel

  1. Aw, reading this made me miss summer so much! I loved Phuket when I was there, and this luxury hotel is somewhere I’d love to stay. The design is great and the uniforms are sweet!

  2. Wow this place looks absolutely stilunnung (and way cooler than where I stayed when I was there)! I sure hope I can return and check it out! Nice blog.

    1. There are so many places to discover in Phuket, you should visit again!
      I loved your blog post on Guam too πŸ™‚

  3. The hotel lools super lovely, shame you didn’t get to stay or sample the food j bet you were dying too! I am loolong for a family friendly super relaxing trip to thailand and will definately look this hotel up! Thanks for the tip

  4. I like that the hotel looks peaceful almost like a spa setting. It reminds me of the luxury hotel in South Beach Miami, Florida called The Setai where the staff dedicates themselves to the customer experience.

  5. This luxury hotel looks super impressive. The Pinky Gallery cafe looks very cute and I agree the photos look stunning. Definitely a good recommendation for when I come to Phuket.

  6. I have yet to make it to Asia, but you’re really presenting a convincing argument, haha. Beautiful shots!

  7. Reading this has me completely daydreaming…

    With all the crazy snow we’ve had in London the past few days, this looks like heaven right now! I think I need to start planning my next getaway…

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